Cabra Vale Diggers Club Redevelopment Case Study

Project Outline

Alland Group carried a Design and Construct package containing new electrical works (light & Power), Cat 6 Communications, Dry Fire, intelligent lighting Control (Dynalite), LED Ughting, Switchboards & modifications to existing Main Switchboard including a complete shut down to the entire club in order to incorporate new works.
Cabra Vale Diggers redevelopment was one of a kind and provided major challenges to our site and design teams to transition the club into the 21st century whilst fully operational with almost 24 hour a day trading.

Alland Group’s team were based onsite full time for over 18 months unobtrusively working with Rohrig and Malaya Blonde Ughting, providing Cabra Vale with “District 8” unique collection of South East Asian dining options and stations: dumplings,
congee, soup, noodles, BBQ, grill/stir fry, seafood, Chinese a la carte at Horizon restaurant, an in-house Asian bakery, fresh fruit and sugar cane juices and salads, and an Asian bar. Diners will experience a culinary journey through South East Asia, where tastes, smells and sights of the Mekong River that flow through Vietnam, Thailand, China, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar are represented.

DALI Lighting Control

The lighting control system at Cabra Vale Diggers Club uses a combination of feature lights directly switched through Dynalite
Dimmers and DALI controlled light fittings. The light fittings benefit from DAU control by being able to be individually addressed and operated through a number of pre-set dimming based scenes. The use of DALI also facilitates ease of reconfiguring the event spaces should the need arise in the future. Back of house lighting uses manual switch points for staff to beeasilyable to access lighting in these spaces whilst still giving central control via the touch screens and complying with the BCA.

Power and Lighting Reticulation

In line with the repurposing of the building into a state of the club venue a significant upgrade of the clubs power and lighting reticulation was undertaken throughout. These circuits are able to safely accommodate the new LED lighting and control systems as well as the general power requirements throughout the new Restaurants, outdoor entertainment area, kitchens, Bistro and Cafe.
Considering the amount of high-end LED lighting and smart lighting control equipment used in the project it was paramount that appropriate levels of surge protection have been included in the design.
Cabra-Vale Diggers Club has a rich history and a culturally diverse membership which contributes to a dynamic Club experience. There’s something for everyone. The friendly staff are committed to ensuring that every visit is a memorable experience.

Cabra Vale Diggers Club are committed to ensuring the long­ term sustainability of the club for members, employees and the broader community.

Lighting Control System

The lighting control system utilises Phillips Dynalite based control system incorporating multi-channel dimmers, relays and DALI modules, switches, sensors and interfaces to
automatically control varous forms of lighting and set different “moods” depending on the time of day throughout the project. The Dynalite control equipment is installed within made to order Philips enclosures adjacent to the associated distribution boards. To maintain the necessary system redundancy and stability per level the systems uses a Backbone network to inter1ink the different switch boards. This is “tied into the BMS”.


The inclusion of Dynalite lighting controls and new power requirements meant that there was requirements for a high level of design for new switchboards as well as modifications to the Main Switchboard.


Due to latent conditions and the clubs evolving needs, the Consultants Communications and Infrastructure design, needed to be remodelled to better service the clubs.

Cabra Vale IT and Club management communicated their revised needs to Alland’s site team. With direct client input Alland submitted a re-design of the Communications upgrades, future proofing the Clubs expansion plans and ensuring the back bone infrastructure was in place to better accommodate the club’s needs. Cat6 structured cabling system was
added to and now supports the audio-visual requirements, POS, wireless internet, office networks and TAB facilities. Communication racks are provided with a fibre optic backbone, enabling high speed traffic on the company’s servers.
All works were planned directly with the Club’s IT personnel and performed with minimal downtime allowing the club to continue trading as normal.

Energy Efficiency

A significant part of the design process centred on ensuring that the whole installation was as energy efficient as possible. Alland Group have put their many years of new and existing sites, whilst providing compliant and safe working environment.

Emergency Lighting

All emergency lighting were upgraded Clevertronics Zoneworks computer monitored system. Zoneworks is a computer monitoring system for testing emergency lighting. Using computer monitored solutions reduces ongoing emergency lighting costs by eliminating manual testing of each unit and providing detailed reporting confirming to Australian Standards AS:2293.1
The system backbone consists of Zoneworks XT Controllers located at switchboards and linked via data cable or over a network. These communicate with individual luminaires using the structured lighting cables without requiring additional data cable runs between luminaires. This results in fast installation, replacement and repairs, while delivering a far more robust system solution than antenna based wireless systems.