1 Castlereagh Street Sydney

Project Work: Fit-out

Builder: Built

Site Location: 1 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Alland were engaged by Built to complete a challenging refurbishment of this 54-year-old building that included a complex demolition of the concrete encased steel beam’s structure to allow for the modern transformation.

Typical of this period was the use of MIMS – Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath cable, commonly known as Pyrotenax cable, and was utilised for most electrical elements.  This aspect called for a more technical and calculated approach, given the scope involved replacement of the Main Switch Board, common area/ house switchboards, LED lighting upgrades and new infrastructure, all while the building remained a live tenanted site.

Given these logistics Alland needed to approach this project with a forward thinking and investigative nature, as much of the existing documentation was not as it seemed.

Works included new commercial Penthouse floors; completely upgraded entry foyer, two enlarged commercial retail areas and balcony’s both high and low level pushed the boundaries of the construction and services installation.

The Main Switchboard changeover was staged over several weekends to maintain power throughout the building.  Impact to our client Built from an electrical perspective, zero. Tenant business down time, zero. Building owner disconcertment, zero.

Needless to say, Alland arrived on site with a reputation of delivering and left regarded as one trade that exceeded all expectations.