75 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Project Work: Essential Electrical Services Upgrade

Client: JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle)

Site Location: 75 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

Technology has come a long way since the building at 75 Castlereagh Street was constructed in 1986, so with current requirements and the future in mind, a significant upgrade of electrical services was undertaken.

Alland Group were delighted to once again partner with JLL to carry out a significant Design & Construct project across eleven floors of retail and commercial spaces. Understandably, one of the crucial requirements for these works was to keep the building operational at all times.

  • Design and construction fit out providing code compliance, fire rating and services to the following locations:
    • Main switch room.
    • New electrical riser cupboards.
    • Distribution board cupboards.
  • upgrade to the existing electrical reticulation and protection system, including replacement of the all house and tenant distribution boards and submains cabling
  • Demolition of the existing distribution boards and provision of new custom distribution boards.
  • New electrical riser cupboards include new reticulation compartments and penetrations to reticulate new submains.
  • Retain/make-good the operational aspects of the “process heating” infrastructure arrangement.
  • Replacement of the Mechanical Services Switchboard (MSSB) and associated cabling including re-integration to the BMCS
  • Level 2 ASP cabling works and metering provision.
  • new Power Factor Correction System.
  • Post switchboard installation, fault finding for RCD nuisance tripping and earth leakage.
  • General lighting/lighting control/ Emergency-exit lighting/ Fire detection and warning alarms to the existing switch room and riser cupboards.
  • Coordination, supply, and installation of new base building and tenant meters
  • new networked EMS (Energy Management System).