Date: 14 Mar 2022

Bradley Watts

In July 2017 Alland were selected by Shape and engaged on a design and construct basis to carry out the electrical works at 300 Parramatta Rd Auburn, a large format retail complex.

Alland’s collaborative approach, eagerness and willingness to engage with all stakeholders and complete ownership of all electrical works was a key component to the success of the entire project.

A key criteria for the bundling owner and client was to ensure the tenants trading was not interrupted. Alland were required to keep two retail tenancies live whist performing a main switch board change over for the site. A memorable example of Allands professionalism and forethought was the time and detail put into the methodology for the main switchboard change over. Normally a safety exercise, this methodology in this case was required to give confidence in the works plan directly to the tenants, client project manager and client. Alland went above and beyond the ‘usual’ scope of this document and considered all risks from electrical, site planning to tenant needs and contingencies, the end result was an extremely difficult task was completed with zero impact on the live site retail trading and an extremely impressed client.

Alland impressed all stakeholders including the consultants, Client, building tenants and Shape with practical and fair approach often creating bridges between negotiating parties and coming up with a final electrical design solution that fit best. Often a frustrating and difficult balancing act of performance, aesthetic, cost, practicality, timing and at times ego’s. Alland was able to cut through to the important design criteria and deliver a workable solution for all stakeholders and deliver the construction element every time. And always with a laugh and a smile.

I think the best summary I can give is Shape looked genius in selecting Alland for the works and their expertise and proactive attitude exhibited the 300 Parramatta Rd has reinforced the relationship between Shape and it’s client and lead directly to further projects. There’s no better or truer testimonial.