Date: 14 Mar 2022

David Silverman

Alland Group have been the incumbent electricians at Holt & Hart, 50 Hart Street Surry Hills for seven years and have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the base building and the 57 tenancies within the building.

Holt & Hart has a 14G fibre backbone to all tenancies and extensive lighting electrical and data requirements. Alland Group have played a significant role in the installation, upgrades and maintenance of many project within the building.

They regularly carry out the services below:
• Thermographic Scanning
• PFC monitoring
• Emergency Light Testing
• RCD Testing
• Test & Tagging

Alland Group have also carried out refurbishment of many of our tenancies in the last 12 months and done extensive work on the base building. I have no hesitation in recommending Alland Group to our tenants or other building managers.